Resume TLC

When’s the last time that you updated your resume? Don’t tell me months! It’s about time to dust off that sheet of paper and see if it still resembles you. I suggest that you review your annual company accomplishments to see where it fits into your resume, include non-work accomplishments (e.g., webmaster for little league team or BLOGGING hahaha), try to keep it to a page although some say with over eight years of experience that you can creep into the two page range, and get feedback from your buddies. If you’re like me, you know that you’re doing good work, but don’t stop to think about what you’ve done.  Ask others around you to help point out your strengths and then see if your resume matches with what they say. Checks and balances with veto rights, yes!

Here are some websites that can help you get that resume back into shape:

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