The baby business is booming

I’ve been noticing a lot of businesses popping up around the baby theme.  Of the ones that I like are mommy consultants and software/websites.  Mommy consultants help you through your pregnancy process.  They know the best products to get and what you should be doing.  Bod-dah-bing!  The easiest way to learn w/o reading a book.  I’m not sure how they cost but these consultants are popping up in major cities.   Next, there are a plethora of baby centric software and websites that help track your pregnancy or baby’s progress plus giving you some need to know information.  I’m not sure which one is good, so if you do, please add a comment.

What does all of this mean to you?  Well, jump on the bandwagon b/c there’s money to be made.  A lot more women are working and having kids.  This mean that these women are armed with money and looking for ways to spend it.  I can tell you also that these women want a personal experience.  How can a website provide a personal experience over an actual person?  Maybe some sort of business that provides group support that is different from what the hospital usually provides.  What about something for the working mommies only?  Come to think of it, I should be starting a baby business.  Hmm…

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