Good PR tips for startups

A few weeks ago, I was doing my usual skimming of daily Silicon Valley news.  I came across an article on how to get PR for your startup.  I particularly liked the point about picking up the check.  Check out the article for details!

From the article:

Here are my first ten tips on how to do PR for your startup.
1. Be the brand
2. Be everywhere
3. Always pick up the check–always.
4. Be a human being
5. How to bond with a journalist
6. How a CEO should e-mail a journalist
7. How a CEO should speak to a journalist
8. Invite people to “swing by” your office
9. Attach your brand to a movement
10. Embrace small media outlets

2 thoughts on “Good PR tips for startups

  1. Some of your tips are “How to’s” but don’t say how one can or should, ex. how to email or speak to a journalist

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