Do perks add value to your business? just came out with this month’s trendwatch newsletter. The focus is on “Perkonomics“.  Now as a consumer I like the idea of getting something special in addition to the primary product/service that I am paying for (e.g., credit card with travel insurance, first access to show tickets, etc), but I find it hard to keep track of which product/service provides which benefits.  I end up just using the product/service and ignoring the “perks”.  I know that this is not the same for everyone.  In any case, can a business measure whether the perks add value or is just a cost sucker?  I’m pretty sure businesses do their due diligence, why wouldn’t they?  I wonder if we will find ourselves at one point entirely consumed in perks (maybe even overlapping perks, provided by numerous products/services) that are essentially not perks anymore because now everyone has access to them.  Hmm…

From the newsletter (shortened a bit):

Business Opportunities

  • – There’s a chance here to be the first non-airline/hotel/credit card company to really nail this: very few brands seem to have an integrated view, let alone an integrated approach to PERKONOMICS. Even aforementioned brands like Lexus, which rolls out novel perks on an ongoing basis, haven’t succeeded in establishing a globally understood PERKONOMICS image, where perks are viewed as an integral part of owning a Lexus.
  • Why not start the world’s first agency fully dedicated to PERKONOMICS campaigns and projects?
  • Try combining CUSTOMER-MADE with perks, in the form of product previews, testing, screening and so on (you will be surprised how many of your most passionate customers will regard a preview of a new product or a service a privilege, not to mention the invaluable feedback it will get you).
  • And keep an eye out for a growing number of entrepreneurs that will turn perks into commercial ventures, from business lounges accessible to any traveler willing to pay a fee, to luxury concierge services like Quintessentially and hybrid “phone-meets-concierge” Vertu.

Bottom line: you will have to be creative, and you will need reach out, too. If you want to offer your customers perks outside your own brand-sphere, it means that forging exclusive relationships and partnerships with other brands and personalities has never been a more prized skill.

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