Can a website thrive with just a good idea?

I wasn’t sure how to title this post, but if you read on maybe it’ll make more sense.  So I have a friend who has been toying around with a good idea for a website.  There are sort of three things that I try to take into consideration when evaluating a business – business model, business idea, and go-to market strategy.  A close forth is management team.  I consider the forth, but also think you either know someone in the industry (or know someone who knows someone) or you don’t.  If you don’t, then the forth is not fixable in the immediate future.

So my friend’s idea has a good business model although not drastically different from what competitors can do, the business idea is interesting, but there is nothing to prevent another website on doing the same thing, and lastly the go-to market strategy is non-existent because she does not know how to get people onto her website.  So all and all, there is something good there, but not great.  Her go-to market strategy needed work.  This brings me back to my previous posting about talking about your business idea with others.  If you are bringing something to the table that others cannot, then you should not be afraid to talk about your business idea with others.  However, if you just have a good idea and maybe nothing else, I would worry about the sustainability of your business idea.  What is to prevent others from copying the idea?  Think about it!

2 thoughts on “Can a website thrive with just a good idea?

  1. I don’t think that someone else being able to copy you should prevent you from starting a business. I strongly feel that being the first to the market will get you tremendous “mindshare”. Look at Amazon. They were the first major internet bookseller. Many have copied the idea, but when people think about buying books online, they think of Amazon. So I think you should definitely encourage our friend.

  2. Perhaps my message got lost in the mix. I think that all business ideas are copy-able however the question is what parts of the business idea are not copy-able. Does that make sense? So the example of Amazon, they have done a great job of combining customer reviews with a plethora of products. They are also good at suggestive cross-selling. There are a lot of good things going on with Amazon that at an aggregate level makes them a power house.

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