Placing ads on anything even on school tests

There was a posting on psfk about a math teacher selling text ad space on his quizzes and tests.  The math teacher talked about raising some money to offset the costs of school materials and so forth.  I have never heard of such a thing, but I actually think it’s a good idea.  Might as well sell ad space to make up for the lack of funds.  Now I know that this opens up another issue, should companies be allowed to infiltrate the kids at school?  Well, you do see coke vending machines, when I was in high school we had taco bell items sold at lunch.  It’s happening already.  I do object to violating privacy of the kids.  I put my foot down there.

Alright, so this leads us to what else can you put ads on.  I read an article (I forget where) about a farmer with land near the freeway who had all of his sheeps wear sheets with ads on them.  He was eventually ordered to take the sheets off b/c it was distracting the drivers (if I remember that correctly).  One company offered to give a small Oregon (my home state!) town a bunch of computers/equipment in exchange for the name of that town.  Strange but the town took the offer.  The list is endless.

No matter where you decide to place ads remember that you want to be sure that you get a return on your investment.  That is harder to quantify/measure.

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