Send emails to granny

One of my favorite websites is  They feature novel business ideas from across the world.  This one idea I love, a printer that is linked up an email address.  So imagine your granny who is not tech savvy, you want to send her an email, but she doesn’t know how to use the computer.  This one service will have this printer print hard copies of emails for the granny.  She just needs to hook it up to a phone line.  Genius!  I love it.  OK, the only drawback that I can see is that granny can’t write back via email.  Then I wonder if you can control the font size of the print out.  Hmm…  This reminds of the photo frame services where you can upload pics to a website and the service will download the pics onto a frame that is plugged into a phone line.  I can see this working well for distant relatives, but not sure if I would pay a monthly service for this.  For some reason, I get turned off by subscription services (yes I know a cell phone plan is one).  I think that it’s great as a business owner to sell such services, but not so much from a consumer perspective.

Sophia Perl

Sophia Perl is a product manager for a database tool at IBM. She has over 10 years of software development and management experience. Sophia holds a BS in Computer Science from University of Southern California and an MBA from University of California at Davis. She is the creator of iPhone apps PicPredict and Eventabulous.

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