Tips for shameless networking

There are some perks to being a woman – different perspective from men, having a baby (debatable b/c of the physical exertion), and access to women mags, yep you heard the last one right.  My mom called me one day and said I got you a subscription to Marie Claire.  I said hmm, OK, but I’ve never read it before really.  This week, I got my first issue.  I flipped through the pages and hit the “How to get a job” segment.  I was quite intrigued by the tips for shameless networking.  I’m not saying that I endorse these tips, but I would definitely say they do seem to be quite strategic.

From Marie Claire January 2009 issue:

  • – sync up your workout schedule with executives at your gym, offer to spot them
  • – get your kids or nieces/nephews to be friends with the kids of your industry’s power players
  • – steal all the toilet paper from the office restroom and “rescue” the VP when they mistakenly enter a stall that lacks resources
  • – frequent happy hours in the business district, buy a drink to the person who you are sucking up to
  • – host a cocktail party and only invite your management level friends
  • – AND THE BEST ONE OF THEM ALL…bring your business cards to funerals and distribute with a solemn, “I’m here for you.”

To add onto to this list, I would add:

  • – send holiday cards for offbeat holidays such as Ground Hog’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, etc.  You will standout and your contacts will remember you.

2 thoughts on “Tips for shameless networking

  1. lol excellent. That said, I’ll beat any person trying any of those with me. Reminds me of Ari Gold of the HBO hit, “Entourage”.

    Enjoyed the post.

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