Jennifer Convertibles lacks customer service

I rarely use my blog as a rant venue, but I thought this would be a good story.  A few weeks ago, I was shopping around for a sofa bed.  Since Jennifer Convertibles is known for sofa beds, I thought that I would start there.  This store is just off of Blossom Hill in San Jose, California.  There were two couches that I was deciding upon – a $400 one (fashion over function) and $300 one (very cushy, but not so fashionable).  I went ahead and decided on the more expensive one.  I asked the sales person Regi whether the bed mattress was the one that came with the sofa bed and she answered yes.  She even asked another store to confirm.  This bed mattress was memory foam one whereas the cheaper sofa bed had a coil mattress.  So the more expensive one had a nicer look and better bed mattress, let’s buy it!  I paid for the sofa bed and proceeded to head on out of the store, but wait a minute, why is the total over $700 including sofa bed sheets, shipping, and tax.  Oh, it’s because Regi charged us $100 more than the ticketed price on the sofa bed.  How silly!  Instead of fixing it right away, she completed the customer’s transaction after me which took another 15 minutes, then came back to me.  Believe it or not, it took an hour for her to figure out how to credit my credit card.  She even called other stores for assistance and no one knew how to do it.  Finally, she figured it out then we were on our way out of the store.  If Regi had treated me any differently besides nice, I would have thrown a fit b/c I do find it unacceptable to first overcharge, then to take an hour to fix her mistake.  I didn’t say a thing though, just waited patiently.

One day before delivery, I received a call from Jennifer, the store manager, about scheduling the delivery.  She first confirmed that I did not get the upholstery lifetime stain warranty ($99).  I told her we never buy warranties and we’ll just buy a new sofa.  By then, it’ll probably be outdated or we’ll want to give it away.  She responded with a remark indicating that I was crazy.  Umm, no, companies make a ton of money by selling warranties and they ask customers to jump through hoops to claim the warranty.  I’d rather not go through all of that headache.  In any case, delivery time was scheduled.

Now to the delivery day.  The delivery guys came between their allotted time period.  They put it in my office and I decided to check out the sofa bed functionality to make sure everything was working.  Then to my surprise, the freaking bed mattress was the coil mattress like that of the cheaper sofa bed.  I frantically called the store asking about what was going on.  Jennifer, the store manager, answered the phone and said that this is the couch that we bought.  We explained to her that Regi said that the sofa bed on the floor display would be exactly what we would receive and that Regi even confirmed with another store.  Jennifer said that Regi was new and so forth.  We said not our problem.  Regi got on the phone and told us that there is a $200 charge for the memory foam mattresses, hmm, seems that she left that off when we were buying the sofa bed.  Interesting how she is now telling us something totally different.  We tried to return the couch but Jennifer, store manager, said that we would incur a 20-30% cancellation charge.  I’m starting to think that I’ve been had.  They first sell me a couch that was not what I expected and now I’m stuck with a cancellation fee if I want to return it.  I told Jennifer I am not going to buy anything from your company again.  She said thank you and hung up on me.

After that, I decided to post a Yelp review on the particular store and email the corporate office.

Morale of the story:

  • – If your company makes a mistake, do what you can to fix it.  Don’t cover it up.  The customer is always right.
  • – Make sure your prices are marked appropriately.  If the product doesn’t include this or that, make sure that the customer knows upfront.  Customers hate being deceived.

Update 1/5/2009, email from corporate:

Good afternoon,
I am very sorry to hear that. I went ahead and forwarded your email to the appropriate person and showroom responsible for the issue you are experiencing, and they should be contacting you within 24-48 hours. If you do not hear from them, please notify me. Thank you for contacting Jennifer Convertibles.

Update 1/7/2009, sent email to follow-up to corporate:


I have not received a phone call or email yet.

Update 1/11/2009, email from corporate:

I have forwarded this email to the general Manager in Northern California.
I’m sure he will contact you shortly, if he has not already done so.
Perhaps the previously sent email did not get through properly to him.

Jennifer Convertibles

Update 1/14/2009, phone call from a manager from San Francisco:

Summary: He was quite nice and offered to resolve the mattress issue.  He said that there was one on clearance that he would hold for us throughout the weekend.  I thought that was fair of him.  All and all, I just wished the JC management had treated me like this from the very beginning.  It was a drawn out ordeal.

11 thoughts on “Jennifer Convertibles lacks customer service

  1. Had a bad experience with Jennifer’s Convertibles in Glendale. Bought a couch, paid for it completely, then went to take it. Happened to have a truck for moving that day. Stupid clerk said he couldn’t leave a hole in his show room, we couldn’t take it. We took it anyway (we had already paid for it, after all.) Moron called police, who made a felony stop on the truck. Boy, were the cops pissed at the store after they figured out what happened. I’ll never shop at Jenifer’s convertibles again.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree. Jennifer’s stinks as a company and has the WORST customer service of any company I have seen. I would also look to find not just the corporate email but to contact the president of the company or their PR department.

    Skip JC’s and buy from anyone else.

  3. I also have an issue with Jennifer Convertable at the monment. I ordered a part from last year and still have not recieved it. I am at this point trying to get my money back. NEVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY EVER!!!!!!!!!

  4. I also had a terrible experience at the jennifer conv. on blossom hill rd. in san jose ca. I was shopping with my daughter-in-law and she asked me opinion and I truthfully gave it to her. The guy who was working in there told me to keep my mouth shut and mind my own business!! He called me every name in the book. We walked out of there crying!

  5. This is what I just sent to to Jennifer Convertibles on their Customer Service Web Form:

    I walked into your store tonight at approximately 8:30 PM. I have been looking for a small sofa for my living room. I found a couple that I liked and decided to purchase the Full Size Microfiber Sofabed for $299.00. As I walked towards the back of the store to let the sales associate (Jennifer) know I would like to order it, I could very clearly smell cigarette smoke as your associate had been smoking in the back of the store. My friend that was with me could smell it too.

    The sales associate begin writing up my order as her cell phone rang and she answered it. Without consulting me, she put the sheets on the order for $79.99, the Guardsmark Protection for $99.99 and the Delivery Fee for $99.99. When I told her I did not want the sheets nor the Guardsmark her attitude became very hostile. She became very irate and rude with her remarks that normal sheets were not going to work nor was there anything else that would clean the microfiber. For my $299.99 investment, I was willing to forgo the $99.99 Guardsmark protection plan.
    $99 seemed quite a bit for a Delivery Fee but because your a showroom, I could understand not having a storage facility. However, when I asked if there was a pickup area she again became agitated and explained as condescending as she could, that there was no customer pick-up location.

    The final straw was when she was done writing up the order, she asked “Who are you?” I couldn’t believe her attitude. I handed her my ID and as she was asking for clarification on my address, I asked for it back and promptly walked out of the store. I will most likely not be returning to any Jennifer Convertibles again and you can be sure my friends and family will definitely be aware of this experience I had.

    Your sales person was unimaginably rude and obviously doesn’t know the first thing about customer service. I didn’t appreciate the add-on charges nor the attitude I was given when I denied them.

    (I see from your blog that this “Jennifer” was actually the store manager. I can’t see how they are going to stay in business with these people as managers)

  6. You all are idiots, you buy cheap crap and expect it to last for 80 million years. Are you retarded? Yeah, ok buddy, a 400 dollar sofabed comes with a memory foam mattress SURE!!!!!! Ok, yeah someone is going to deliver something to you for free. Jennifer Convertibles is not a charity, get a grip people, I can assure you as I know someone who works for the company, who tells me about people like youguys. The employees are rude because your all fucking assholes. I am quite sure that they are fine with you not coming back, they probably prefer that you never camein to begin with and would much rather deal with someone who isnt buying 300 dollar sofabeds with their welfare check.

  7. I don’t expect a cheap couch to last 80 million years, but maybe for 3-5 years. I had no expectations of what kind of foam mattress the sofa bed came with. It’s just unfortunate that the sales person misinformed me which made me feel like that I was being lied to. The shipping thing, well nothing I can say about that. That’s where companies make some of their money. No matter if the store sells toothpicks or Mercedes Benzs, I would expect cordial customer service. I mean this is the way to do business if you want repeat customers or good word of mouth right?

  8. Last month, April 2010, my husband and I purchased a couch at Jennifer Convertibles. We scheduled a delivery which would take over 1 month (the soonest they could schedule us for). We were informed by the sales lady that the day before the delivery we would receive a call confirming delivery and a time frame the couch would be delivered. Well, the couch never came on the delivery day. That day I went down to the showroom, informed the sales lady (same one who sold me the couch) that I never received a call for delivery and my couch was never delivered. She proceeded to blame another employee and checked the computer…said she was going to re-scheduled me in the system for the following week. Never received a call again, before the delivery day…so I went to the showroom again. A sales man was there, I informed him I wanted to verify my couch was going to be delivered the following day. He checked the delivery list, did not see me on there. He frantically shuffled papers on 3 different desks, he didn’t know what to do. He was instant messaging someone at their warehouse to figure out what happened. He said per the warehouse the couch was already delivered. I told him we never received a couch. He said he was going to have someone look into the situation. I left. Next day I get a call from the original sales lady, telling me that someone signed off my order and picked up my couch. I told her we never picked-up our couch. She then asked me if me or my husband had one of our friends pick the couch up. I told her we do not have our couch, it was supposed to be delivered. She was acting like we already had our couch and wanted a refund too. I told her once more we done’t have our couch and I want a refund. Ridiculous. Earlier this week my husband and I go down to the showroom again. Sales lady knows us by now, said they are still investigating as to where our couch was. I told her I want my money back. She said she called the man who picked-up our couch, whom was another customer who ordered the same exact couch as I, he signed off on my slip at the warehouse. She said it was embarrassing for her to have to ask the other customer if he picked-up 2 couches. He said no. She told me he was a police office, (like that really matters to me), trying to imply that he was telling the truth. Nothing really came out of the conversation, expect that they had to figure out where the other missing couch was before refunding me. So today, I get a call from the sale lady. Informed me they have a delivery scheduled for me. In told her I don’t want the couch, I want my refund. She kept trying to insist that they will deliver. I told her no, I want my refund. She was suppose to be working on getting my refund alreay. Now she is saying that she has to request the refund through management. AWWWWW! Sick of this couch drama…All I want is my money!!!!

  9. I have been shopping for sofa, loveseat and recliner. I heard too many comments about Jennifer
    sofas and Ashley. JC Penny was too high and The Furniture store too.
    Where can a find a store in San Jose or close.

  10. Terrible experience. Got to hide-a-bed home to discover that the bed was so uncomfortable it was impossible to use it at all (up-dated Memory Foam mattress and all). I immediately went in to discuss with Jennifer, sales person. Well, she had never heard of such a thing. She said she would have a “technician” come to check it. When the tech came about 3 weeks later his quotes “they are all like this” and “I see think all the time” and “I don’t understand why they keep making them like this” and best of all, “now the fun begins”. I wrote to the company headquarters and got NO reply. It is impossible to return and I spent about $1,800. If the above remark from the store manager is true it is really hard to believe they handle customers like this. I can’t imagine how an outfit like this stays in business. They have been around a long time. Incredible !.

  11. I too have had great problems from this store. I bought a twin sofa sleeper that came with an ottoman. After the delivery guy left I moved the ottoman and the legs came off. I called the store, and they said that they would have to send someone to repair it. So, days later a repairman came to my home and “fixed it” by putting nails in the ottoman that went into the storage part of the ottoman. I was finally told I would have to be approved by corporate headquarters if I wanted a replacement. So far, after 8 weeks I still do not have a new ottoman. I have emailed pictures of the ottoman damage to corporate and still have to wait for the president to approve a replacement. Two weeks later I got a call telling me I was approved for a replacement and the store would call me. Three weeks later I called the store, emailed corporate. Corporate has not responded and the store in Huntington Beach told me they have no record of me being approved for a replacement. So, after two months I still have a damaged ottoman and no one knows anything about it. I would never shop again at this store, they have no customer service and do not care if you get defective merchandise.

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