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Every once in awhile, I’ll disclose the top 5 posts read in the last 30 days on (in order).  Surprisingly, people don’t like Jennifer Convertibles too much because my blog comes up in their google and yelp searches and I’ve gotten some “ranting” comments also.  Down with Jennifer Convertibles!

One posting that I think is pretty useful is the advice for MBA-destined Techies.  I’ve gotten comments from my MBA classmates saying that the info is pretty legit.  Check it out if you’re considering an MBA.

  1. Jennifer Convertibles lacks customer service
  2. Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner #3 was OK, but…
  3. A personal story of mine about a $50 bill
  4. The money in the traditional photography
  5. Advice for MBA-destined Techies

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