Company trying to make money from 45+ age group wanting to be on social networking sites

I was reading an article on the Standard about Jump Start Social Media, a company looking to help say 45+ age group to create the perfect Facebook or LinkedIn profile.  I’m thinking if 45+ age group needs help, does it mean that not many 45+ folks are on these social networks?  What would be the incentive for this age group to be on the social network?  Now if someone were to argue to stay connected with younger family members, then maybe I buy it.  There’s also the issue of privacy that I have personally observed the 45+ age group to be very conservative about.

I honestly don’t think a company based on this business model could survive on its own.  They are charging $90 for a full blown consultant to help create your profile or $10 for a DIY manual.  I dug around the website and it looks like it is a spin-off company from a bigger social media company.  So now it makes sense – let’s start a small spin-off business that provides this small set of services.

2 thoughts on “Company trying to make money from 45+ age group wanting to be on social networking sites

  1. Sophia, watch how you generalize. You also personally observe a (ok barely) 45+ who might be one of the most active people you know on social networks.

    In the last year, I have seen an explosion of 45+ folks on FB, so I suspect that this business isn’t doing much business.

  2. Hahahaha, yes, you are right Peggy that I definitely generalized in this posting. I should clarify that I made comments based on most 45+ year olds whom I know – mom, dad, aunts, uncles, etc. You work in tech, of course you are in the know. :)

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