What to say when your co-worker gets laid off

I was perusing through my 3rd issue of Marie Claire (thanks Mom) and came across “The Careerist” section.  There was an article that talked about what to do and what not to do when a co-worker gets laid off.   I’ll add in my two cents too.

From Marie Claire, April 2009 issue:

  • DO: Send an email that reads, “I’ve really enjoyed working with you, and I wish you the best.”
  • DO NOT: Send an email that reads, “Mind if I make a copy of your client list?”
  • DO: Offer to help pack up her office
  • DO NOT: Offer to take that customized ergonomic chair off her hands
  • DO: Pass along career contacts
  • DO NOT: Pass along a condolence card signed by everyone in your department
  • DO: Call her to see how she’s doing
  • DO NOT: Call her to bitch about your boss, her former manager

My additions

  • DO: Post a facebook status soliciting your friends for a job for your anonymous co-worker
  • DO NOT: Post a facebook comment on your co-worker’s profile page saying, “Sorry you got laid off”
  • DO: Recommend professional networking events to meet potential employers
  • DO NOT: Recommend happy hour events so that she can get sloshed and spill the beans about the office

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