Some tips on weathering the economic storm

A friend of mine, who works in software research in the industry, is going to be a panelist on the topic of “Weathering the Economic Storm”.  She asked me if there were any topics that she should talk about.  I gave her my two cents below.

  • You can’t control your fate, companies at any time will chose to do things that will keep them in business, focus on building up your skills and keep up with your networking
  • People don’t help people they don’t know, get out and network and develop meaningful relationships, don’t ask for things so soon
  • Some think that a recession is a good time to start a business, that’s a possibility, people are not spending much but if your business survives, it really will survive in a good economy
  • Some go back to school and hope that the economy jumps back when they graduate
  • Keep the communication loop open with you and your manager, know his/her expectations, pay close attention to feedback, you may not have that much time to rectify issues
  • Surround yourself with people who know your skills or start educating people around you about what you can do, I’ve had friends who had no idea what I do, this doesn’t help when you need their help to find a job
  • If you get laid off, search within and outside of company for a job, consider a variety of positions and even lower pay to get your foot in the door, know your strengths and achievements, get feedback from others if you are unclear about them
  • Be prepared for an interview at any given time, even if you think that you’re meeting up with a friend for drinks
  • Get on LinkedIn, it may help, it obviously doesn’t hurt

2 thoughts on “Some tips on weathering the economic storm

  1. If you are out of work, or you’ve seen a slowdown in your business why not take the time to network with others? Spend some time online or get out in person and meet as many people as you can.

    When the economy turns, you’ll be in position to capitalize!

  2. I totally agree with you. Don’t wait to network until you become a job seeker yourself. Put in some time in now and forever. It’ll pay off if you need to pull in the favors.

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