Make a friend who’s attending MBA school, get free work

I’ve done a posting before about free work from 5-6 MBA students.  I wanted to comment on another way to get your business some free work from MBA students.  If you have a friend who is currently attending MBA school, ask him/her to do a school project on your business.  This could be a competitive analysis, pricing strategy, marketing strategy, etc, etc.  All you have to do is convince your friend that your business is interesting enough to use as a case study.  If you don’t have a friend in MBA school yet, you should start making such friends or better yet convince  your existing friends to attend MBA school.  Hahahaha.  I’m kidding about the last one.

Sophia Perl

Sophia Perl is a product manager for a database tool at IBM. She has over 10 years of software development and management experience. Sophia holds a BS in Computer Science from University of Southern California and an MBA from University of California at Davis. She is the creator of iPhone apps PicPredict and Eventabulous.

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