A business based on anonymous confessions

I’m sure most of you have heard about PostSecret in which people send in postcards with your confession.  I came across another website called TruuConfessions.com targeted towards women.  I thought it was interesting actually in that women definitely do love their gossip.  When I read the About Us section which I always do on new startup websites, the founder talked about anonymous confessions as being therapeutic.  OK, I can maybe buy that.  Now, when someone posts a confession, she can categorize the confession into a category and then others can comment or say “me too” in response.

I like the general idea, but I don’t think the website layout makes it easy to contribute.  For instance, the confessions start halfway down the website, so I have to look down and then scroll down to see even more.  Just about all of the confessions are anonymous which they should be in my opinion, so why give the option of having a profile that can identify yourself.  What factors indicate that a confession is popular?  How do you distinguish the juicy gossip?

I’m thinking that there’s probably a twitter confessions website out there too.

2 thoughts on “A business based on anonymous confessions

  1. The idea is hard to implement. People like gossiping about someone they know. But for anonymous confession, the information must be juicy, which is difficult to manage.

  2. I think that it’s hard to make gossip juicy if you do not have a relationship (e.g., friends, coworkers, etc) with the person. If you think about celebrities, we know so much about their lives that we sort of think of them as our friends.

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