I’m not so crazy about Twitter

What’s all the fuss about Twitter?  I’ve been wanting to post something about Twitter for a long time, but I didn’t want to talk about something that I just don’t use too much (not an avid user or follower).  So, I like the idea that there’s one place where strangers can “stalk” other people.   I mean Facebook is where friends stalk friends.  Twitter is for the mass stalker.  I think that Twitter’s 140 character limit sucks.  I sometimes don’t like the character limit that Facebook imposes on my status updates.  Maybe I’m just a person that has too much to say.

If we are talking about just branding of companies, celebrities, money making phenomenons, then I can see how Twitter is great.  You have a captive audience who wants to hear what you say.  Not bad.  Twitter for personal reasons, hmm, not sure about that.  No one cares that you’re brushing your teeth!

Sophia Perl

Sophia Perl is a product manager for a database tool at IBM. She has over 10 years of software development and management experience. Sophia holds a BS in Computer Science from University of Southern California and an MBA from University of California at Davis. She is the creator of iPhone apps PicPredict and Eventabulous.

2 thoughts on “I’m not so crazy about Twitter

  1. Hi! Long time no see/talk/read! :)
    This is my first blog comment, but I had to speak to this one. FINALLY, someone who I can agree with on this point! I’m still on the fence on twitter, but also leaning on the “nay” for personal-use twitter. Knowing a person’s every move = Meh.

  2. Yep, twitter is not for me. Actually, the last time that I used it was for an event. Everyone seemed to be using it at this event, so I just used it temporarily for it. Now that the event is done, I’m done too for now.

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