I’m not so crazy about Twitter

What’s all the fuss about Twitter?  I’ve been wanting to post something about Twitter for a long time, but I didn’t want to talk about something that I just don’t use too much (not an avid user or follower).  So, I like the idea that there’s one place where strangers can “stalk” other people.   I mean Facebook is where friends stalk friends.  Twitter is for the mass stalker.  I think that Twitter’s 140 character limit sucks.  I sometimes don’t like the character limit that Facebook imposes on my status updates.  Maybe I’m just a person that has too much to say.

If we are talking about just branding of companies, celebrities, money making phenomenons, then I can see how Twitter is great.  You have a captive audience who wants to hear what you say.  Not bad.  Twitter for personal reasons, hmm, not sure about that.  No one cares that you’re brushing your teeth!

2 thoughts on “I’m not so crazy about Twitter

  1. Hi! Long time no see/talk/read! :)
    This is my first blog comment, but I had to speak to this one. FINALLY, someone who I can agree with on this point! I’m still on the fence on twitter, but also leaning on the “nay” for personal-use twitter. Knowing a person’s every move = Meh.

  2. Yep, twitter is not for me. Actually, the last time that I used it was for an event. Everyone seemed to be using it at this event, so I just used it temporarily for it. Now that the event is done, I’m done too for now.

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