Quick way to know whether you are a good leader

Scarce resources means that you have to be creative in getting people motivated to work for you.  Leadership is a big word.   So how can you gauge how effective you are as a leader.  Here are some quick ways.

It’s good to do a self assessment periodically so that you can stay on your A game.  Most people are better at it than others.  Me, I tend to pick up the clues that people give whether it be a joke or a feedback sit down session.  The feedback can be good or bad, it doesn’t really matter which because both are good to hear.  Just be prepared to listen for them in everyday conversation.

One question that you should ask yourself is this, If you had no money to pay employees, would people still want to work for you for free? Better yet, would you want to work for yourself?

Don’t ask me about how I think I am as a leader.   :)

2 thoughts on “Quick way to know whether you are a good leader

  1. hey soph! i bet you’re an awesome leader bc it sounds like you listen well and are receptive. yesterday i had to give a 360 evaluation of my boss and it sucked! i googled ‘how to evaluate your boss’ and a few good sites came up which listed qualities of a good manager.

  2. I think that it’s tough to be in a position to do an evaluation of your boss. I always think honesty is the right thing, but know that it can come back to haunt you. I hope that it worked out for you. I know that you would be an awesome performance reviewer. Everything said in the nicest way.

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