Mommies influence consumer tech purchases

There was an article on talking about tech firms targeting Moms.  Based on a survey by (a good website for everything about babies / pregnancy), about 1,000 Mommies divulged their tech buying / use behavior.  The article talks about how Mommies are the “Chief Memory Officer” of the home, they use technology to capture the memories of their kids / life.  Mommies also use technology for its function rather than for fun.  When the kiddies need something techie, it’s Mommy that goes first and then maybe the Daddy.

Basically if it makes sense, market your tech products to Mommies and don’t forget that their input counts when it comes to buying / using tech products.  Women rule!  Just kidding.  This doesn’t mean that your products have to be pink and look all feminine now, but you should think about spinning your product messaging such that Mommies can resonate well with it also.  If you do make your products pink, let me know because I’ll buy it.  :)

2 thoughts on “Mommies influence consumer tech purchases

  1. I totally agree..packaging is such an important part of marketing and its the most ignored especially wit h consumer electronics products methinks. Plus, its also interesting how children influence the need for synergy in media and entertainment for women.

  2. Yes, children are a big factor when thinking about tech gadgets especially when it’s about sharing those moments with friends and family. There are articles written about whether a woman would name Apple’s iPad the same name. It does make me think about maxi pads. Hmmm….

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