Datecheck app is a good spin on an existing business

I was browsing through the web reading things here and there and ran into an article about a Datecheck iPhone app.  For some reason, I really like dating business ideas.  I think that one day I’ll start a dating business myself, but that will be a different blog entry.  Imagine this, you’re on a date with someone or perhaps you are about talking to some random guy and you decide on your way to the bathroom to do a background check using your iPhone.  Well Datecheck can make it happen.  Find out if this guy is in debt, where he lives, if he has any criminal charges, etc.  What a neat idea!

The company that owns Datecheck actually is in the business of doing background checks, genius!  This is a prime example of an existing business finding different markets to apply its expertise.  If you look at the Datecheck website and compare it to the corporate website, you will see that the marketing is night and day.  The corporate website is boring and not very flashy whereas the Datecheck website is fun and bubbly.  As long as you can sell your business to other markets without interfering with your main market positioning, you should sell like crazy.  Kudos to Intelius for creating the Datecheck iPhone app.

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