Fun time at Stanford E-Week E-Mixer

I am embarrassed to admit that of the whole time that I’ve been in the bay area, I have not made it to a single e-week event.  I saw this event called Reverse VC Pitch and thought hey I’ll go to that, it’s free what is there to lose.  It just so happens it was during Stanford Entrepreneurship Week and the organizer Larry wanted to piggy back with the E-Week E-Mixer which was also free (yes!).  I showed up two hours before the Reverse VC Pitch event to attend the E-Mixer.  It was in the lower cafe area of the Graduate School of Business.  Every attendee received a list of attendees with contact info and a short blurb about why they were attending.  No you can’t have my list.  :)

I met a lot of B-school students – Cal, Stanford, Chicago (yes, Chicago, 3 students took 3 days off to attend Stanford E-week).  The fun part was that folks asked each other to pitch their ideas (if applicable) and then were grilled on their idea.  Ideas that I heard were: an e-commerce platform idea, learning module idea, a packaging solution, a dating website for couples with no much details, mobile and access to licensed text. I did meet this one guy who made me laugh.  When asked if he had a business card, he said with a straight face, “I’m going green, I don’t have a business card.”  Yeah right!  In general, everyone was very nice.  No one judged each other and I would go again next year.   It was a free event worth attending.

Related to startups, I came across this event where 12 people hop on a bus to come up with a business idea or two while driving 48 hours to SXSW in Austin.   Then when in Austin, pitch their ideas to VCs.  It’s called The Startup Bus.  I think that it’s a great idea except that I would get car sick from reading my computer screen.  My other thought is that well the Silicon Valley area is the mecca of technology why leave it to pitch ideas.  I HEART SV!

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