Want to give away your lifetime earnings (%) for money upfront now?

I was reading a VentureBeat article on entrepreneurs giving rights to a percentage of their future earnings for an upfront cash investment for their business.  The website is called Thrust Fund.  You can think of it like giving money to a promising filmmaker who may have the next Star Wars movie.  I’d like to get in on that for sure except that usually 9 of 10 business fail.  Also, is there any guarantee that the entrepreneur will find a job after so many failures?  I definitely like the twist on finding a new way to fund startups.  Would you sign up as an entrepreneur and/or investor?

From the Thrust Fund website:

Here’s how it works:

  1. Thrust Funders learn about Entrepreneurs.
  2. When the Funder sees an Entrepreneur of interest, she or he submits an inquiry to that Entrepreneur and coordinates a time and manner to discuss passions, plans, and pursuits.
  3. When a Thrust Funder decides to support an Entrepreneur, she or he may negotiate exactly what that support will look like.

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