SVYP Women’s Speed Mentoring event

I attended a Silicon Valley Young Professional Women’s Speed Mentoring event.  The first part was at Cantankerous Fish restaurant who provided free drinks and food, yummy!  The second part was the speed mentoring session at a Fenwick & West law firm nearby.  I happen to drag a friend along to the event.  My thought is that if the event is boring, then at least I get to hang out with a friend.  A girl needs a backup plan right?

There was a good mix of women from different backgrounds (VC, life sciences, tech, etc), about 30 or so.  For the second part, I initially thought speed mentoring meant mentoring but in speed dating fashion, but I was wrong or deceived more like it!  Hahahaha.  Instead, speed mentoring meant a panel of three women – a librarian by day business woman by night, a billings operations executive at Adify, and a president of a MIssion community college.  I even asked a question to the panel.

Overall, the event was good.  One of my favorite quotes from the panel, “If you have the chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.”

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