APWT Womens Panel on Mobile Paradigm

Over at HackerDojo, I attended a womens panel on “Mobile Paradigm” organized by Asian Professional Women in Technology.  There were about 50-60 people in attendance, of which I knew about 4-5 people.  PayPal provided pizza and drinks for the event, Thanks PayPayl!  The panel consisted of a CEO of a travel guide app for the iPad, a bootstrap developer of many iPhone apps and an iPad app, and a marketing person from a Shazam-competitor app.  Ishita Majumdar, Executive In Residence at Plug-N-Play, moderated the panel.  I really enjoyed the networking time after the panel (I missed the pre-panel networking time).   I met some cool, interesting gals (and guys).

Panelists and my take aways:

  • Georgi Dagnall, CEO, GeoGad
    • chose a clever name that is related to your app idea
  • Bess Ho, ninja mobile developer with 10 apps in the app stores and speaker at Web 2.0
    • get inspiration from shopping, movies, and tv
    • read your competitor app reviews
    • if you don’t know how to program, just start drawing out the screens (aka wireframe)
  • Kathleen McMahon, VP of Sales, SoundHound, Inc.
    • innovate, distribute, monetize

I was a bit too tired to ask my questions, but I was interested in knowing what strategies they use to get users?  What worked for them?  What didn’t work for them?  Did they think about the business model at the beginning?  Maybe they will read my blog and tell me by commenting.  Hahaha.

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