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App Incubator

App incubator is a pretty neat idea for those who do not have the technical know-how to develop an iPhone app on their own.  You submit an app idea and, if accepted, you get to draft up storyboards while the folks at Medl Mobile create your app.  So what’s in it for them and for you?  Well, they get 75% of the profits, you get 25%.  Not too bad considering you just had an idea.  Tip: Your idea has a better chance of getting accepted if you have a good go-to-market strategy.  Who will use an app if they don’t know about it?


If you’re like me, it’s a pain to remember to take pictures of this, take video of that especially when you just want to enjoy the moment.  I wish that I can have paparazzi follow me wherever I go so that I don’t have to record my life myself.  Maybe, I’ll regret this statement later.  So Looxcie is a wearable video camera that hangs from your ear like a bluetooth device (in fact it is a bluetooth device that can connect your phone).  You can set up auto-share to send 30 second clips to your family and friends.  On the Looxcie youtube channel, you can view videos such as an engagement proposal or a child rock climbing.  Very cool.

Balanzza Mini

Not until I started traveling in packs, I didn’t have a problem with overweight luggage.  Now I do <sigh>.  Instead of finding out at the check-in desk that your lugggage is overweight, you can use this device to check the weight of your luggage at home.  I guess an alternative is to put the lugguage on a weight scale too, but this nefty device is portable.  Think about when you have to travel back home and no weight scale in sight.  Hmmm.

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