TEDx Bay Area Women, quick fire talks

I somehow caught wind of this event while browsing my usual websites.  I’m glad that I did.  For those of who you do not know what TED events are about. TED is a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, and Design. Since then its scope has become ever broader. This year, TEDWomen focuses on the question: How are women and girls reshaping the future?

In the bayarea, TEDx Bay Area Women organized an event hosted at SAP in Palo Alto, California.  To get invited, you had to fill out a short questionnaire and then get selected to attend.  There was ZERO cost for attendees because the costs were covered by sponsors (Thank you sponsors!).

Unfortunately, they had to split the attendees into two rooms – one room with the actual speakers, one room to watch live streaming from the other room with speakers.  I was fortunate to make it into the “real” room.  There were about 200 attendees.  I wish that the badges had the company names instead of just names.  I had no idea what people did whether tech, entertainment, or design.  In any case, the valley is small.  I met 2-4 women whom I’ve met at other SV events.

Some folks whom I met:

Debra Bowen, Secretary of State of California
President of The Tech Museum
Founder of JackCards.com
Senior (Health) Benefits Consultant
CEO of a software development outsourcing firm (Ukraine)
Business development consultant

Check out the tweets here.

My rough, rough notes: (I will highlight the interesting parts and clean up at a later time)

Debra Bowen, Secretary of State of California – voting machines were pulled bc they weren’t sure if viruses been loaded to a machine. One polling machine missing  today.  Polling code must be open sourced , can’t have propriety code

Jill Tarter, Director of the Center for SETI Research – new turtle mascot, open source code, cloud services from amazon, telescopes

Tara VanDerveer, Stanford womens basketball coach – connect with your team and have team believe in what you say, 5-7 pg scout report of opponents, 5-7 DVDs of opponent, ability of coach tosloq down the game in real time and react to them, in order to play basketball with boys in drive way she brought best basketball if they want to play with her ball she has to play too, most of halftime is reminding the team, it is not about competing against the other team it’s about competing against ourselves,

Alexa Ringwald, Director at Serious Materials, MarketYoYo.com startup – 1.2m people in India, 700k have cell phones with SMS, not smart phones, 66% of women do the work but receive 10% of income, 1% of property

Almaz Negash, Managing partner of Entwine Global- 57% of 10m women in USA graduated from college, 64% of 862m women global are literate, 70% are women of poorest people, un wants to cut poverty by 50% of worlds poverty by 2015,

Cartoonist (steaming from TEDWomen event in D.C.) – women+humor=change,

Shaherose Charania, CEO & Co-Founder of WOmen 2.0 – bangladesh woman sells access to her cell phone becomes a founder, men look her into the eyes now, 3.9m have access to mobile phones, less than 10% of founders are women, 51% of workforce are women,

Heather Fleming, CEO of Catapult Design – engineering without borders (EWB), clean burning cook stove, wind turbines, developing technology for poor people living in rural areas, founded a design firm for impoverished people, anyone anywhere to have access to design services, 1.6B don’t have access to electricity, CatapultDesign.org,

Sophia Yen, MD, MPH at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital – US has a high teenage pregnancy rate compared to other industrialized countries due to lack of use of protection, high schoolers are having sex, 12th graders 64%, emergency contraception pills can be taken up to 5 days after intercourse, more effective if taken sooner, every hour you wait before taking ec pill it doubles your pregnancy rate, no scientific reason for age restriction for ec, currently age limit is 17 years old, ec can prevent 2.3M unwanted pregnancies and 1M abortions, if you have a lot of nutrition, your body will have a period every month and get ready for reproduction, typical women go 14 years of having a monthly period before having a child, due to blood loss = lower math scores, 5 IQ points lower,

Vivek Wadhwa, senior research associate with the Labor and Worklife Program at Harvard Law School, – endured a lot of veracity for doing research on the diff of number of women and men in entrepreneurship, VCs commented on why he’s doing the research…is he trying to get laid?  avg age of tech entrepreneur is 39, 41 avg age of women ent, most entrepreneurs come from middle class families, more so lower middle class families, not college dropouts 44% have bachelor degrees, better educated than their parents, diff in sales in revenue between ivy leaguers and non-ivy leaguers is not significant, majority worked 6-10 years for an employer before starting their own, majority didn’t come from ent families, bootstrapping is the norm not VC, success factors: #1 experience, #2 management team, #3 luck, women more likely to obtain funding from business partner, women start 3% of tech firms, 1% of high-tech firms, contribute to fewer than 5% of all IT patents and 1.2% of open-source s/w, women in top mgmt achieve higher 35% ROE, 34% better total return to shareholders, well-respected VCs tweeted about hot chicks at parties, “if indians can do, so can women do it too” (in regards to mentoring each other and rising above discrimination), VCs dont’ get excited about women-pitched ideas b/c women understate (are conservative) about the potential of their ideas,

Karen Baker, WHAM! startup – 45% of women in Mumbai experienced domestic violence of which 75% of women attempted suicide, 7 of 10 are women who are liaisons between the slum and the police,

Lynnelle Ye, freshman at Stanford – I solved a math problem that no one on the team could solve. The answer was completely different feom the answer  Was it a stroke of genius? No, I learned the method 3 years before and waited 3 years to apply it.

Esther Wojcicki, Journalism and English high school teacher at Palo alto high school – PAHS has many publications produced by students like magazines, newspapers, online newspaper, tv shows, crazy! So impressed that I will be encouraing kids to do journalism in high school.

SAP speakers: Marilyn Pratt, SAP Community Advocate, and Anne Hardy, VP of Technology Strategy – innovicide- exclude users when designing, not haring knowledge, throw in every bells and whistle, kill ideas by consensus, worship propriety, ignore feedback, only engage recognized leaders, Innovation weeked at sap- participants from the sap community, did it in different cities, did it in las Vegas, 200 ppl there, listen to experts and deep dive with experts, 30 hrs for weekend, identified a real problem that they wanted to tackle, at end of it they present to the crowd and jury, winners from each city compete, they have 6 mins to present

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