What I learned at Women in Leadership Conference 2008 at UC Berkeley


(Author’s note: I found this gem while sifting through old posts.  Apparently, I was very good about protecting the privacy of the speakers.  So sorry that the names aren’t included, but I still think the takeaways are useful.)

Keynote Speaker #1 – President at William-Sonoma
1) Make your job personal
2) Be your best self
3) Hold the highest level of integrity
4) Stick with it (it could be job, career, company, etc)

Entrepreneurship industry breakout session
1) Make decisions quickly
2) Hire smart
3) Wear comfortable shoes

Keynote Speaker #2 – VP of Sales and Marketing at Nintendo America
1) What you know counts
2) Be true to who you are
3) Nice people can finish first
4) Embrace change
5) Watch your language
6) Intellectual curiosity is good
7) Treat feedback as a gift
8 ) Develop your own personal board of advisors (e.g., group of mentors)
9) Don’t be afraid to ask for help
10) Develop passions outside of work