Why do fruit picking robots have to look so scary?

Did you know that Japan produces 2/3s of the world’s robots?  I’m reading up on robots and agricultural and some of these robots look very scary. It reminds me of that evil character in one of the recent Spiderman movies with the long arms. If I was a farmer and saw this on my farm, I would have a heart attack.

Some open questions about robots to consider. Does it make sense for a robot to be the next best alternative over humans or a set of other technologies? For instance, can a robot do it better, the same, or worse? How much does a robot cost in comparison to human labor? Does the task require a few robots or many robots? How long should the robot operate when it’s on? So my question out to the folks, in what way ways can robots help today’s fruit farmers?

2 thoughts on “Why do fruit picking robots have to look so scary?

  1. I don’t have the numbers to do a Cost Benefit Analysis btw Robots and Humansbut some points to ponder:
    Robots can’t get tired(unless worn out),
    can’t complain,
    can’t go on strike,
    can’t vote,
    can’t call in sick,
    can’t make mistakes due to lack of concentration,
    can’t sexually harass co-workers,
    can’t make racist, sexist, homophobic statements,
    can’t play office/cube politics,
    can’t get pregnant(ouch…)

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