Don’t forget the spouse when starting a business

If you’re not married, ignore this post.  If you’re married, you should read on.  When deciding to start up your own business, don’t forget about your spouse.  For example, I have a friend who came up with this idea.  She even found a business partner and was ready to go.  BUT, her husband didn’t like the idea.  Now she is in a hard situation.  Does she move forward with the idea w/o her husband’s approval or does she try to win her husband over?  Well, ideally, the husband has to be won over.  Usually, a husband and wife share money made and share money spent.  Who will fund the business?  Certainly not just your business partner.  Have an open mind when your spouse gives you a slew of business advice.  He/she means well.  If your spouse still hates your idea no matter what you do, then you need to figure out if the idea is worth more than your marriage.  Good luck!

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