Keeping track of customer orders

Here is today’s gripe. I am doing some home remodeling at my house. I thought that I had some extra grout for the entryway but it turns out, nope.  I called up a major home improvement chain and asked about a custom order that I placed about 2 years ago.  I am thinking surely if I can’t remember the grout name, this store should have my records.  So guess what?  The store only holds customer data for a year.  At that point, I was utterly disappointed.  Of all industries, home improvements take years to complete and there can be multiple home owners for the same house.  All I want is to go to a store and ask, what paint color did this owner use, what kind of tiles does this house have, etc etc?  I know that not all home improvement projects go through one store, but think about what one store could do to manage a home owner’s projects.  The gist of the story is disk space is cheap, save your customer data and do some data mining on it.  If it’s not for the customer, do it so that you can operate your store more efficiently.

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