A pet project of mine based on collaboration

So lately, I’ve been looking into ways to get people to collaborate.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not looking into an HCI research project, I am looking at a specific problem and how a collection of folks (aka community) can help solve this problem.  As a side note, I’ve always had a tough time grasping the HCI field perhaps it’s because I have a biased – is it really science or fluff?  Okay, I probably just angered a few folks now.  Back to the topic.

Now sometimes it makes sense to have many people collaborate over many topics or sometimes it makes sense to have only a few people collaborate over a few topics and of course there is the in-between.   Something to consider is how you motivate people to collaborate around a topic that perhaps there is no incentive, but to help someone out.  Are there examples that support this?  I can’t think of any off the top of my head.  Maybe one somewhat related example is Amazon.com product reviews.  Why do people do it?  What do they gain?  What does Amazon gain by showing negative reviews of products that they sell?

Anyhow, I am not ready to talk about this pet project of mine because it’s still in alpha/beta mode.  It’s funny b/c I hear my tech friends talk about, “yeah this guy founded this and made this much, I could have done that”.  Sure anyone can implement a tech solution (whether desktop or web), but the real crux of the business is the idea and thinking about how to capitalize on that idea.  I think that is what most techies miss when they say “I can do that”.  Yeah they can implement the solution,  but they also have to come up with a viable idea.  I don’t think many people can do that hence the statistics on failed businesses within X amount of years of starting.  If you have the know-how, find a partner who has the good idea.  It’ll be a match made in heaven.

4 thoughts on “A pet project of mine based on collaboration

  1. Even though it’s in alpha/beta mode, you should share your idea so that we can objectively analyze it.

  2. Open source software is one collaboration project that works. Each participant contributes no more than one person’s worth of work, and everybody gains by the use of such software. The individual’s motivation varies, but I venture a guess that a lot of it is personal pride and puzzle-solving. Also of course some are paid by a corporation for their open source work because the resulting program benefits the corporation.

  3. I could share my idea, but if it is so rough that a 15 min dialogue is needed, it’s just too rough at this point. Give me some time. I’ll share. :)

  4. Open source is an interesting topic. First, why would a company want to get involved with open source (e.g., take a look at Sun). Second, why do companies shy away from using open source in the enterprise? Alright from a developer perspective, open source is instant gratification b/c you get to work with like-minded individuals and hope that people will use your code. I actually never cracked the code of how collaboration occurs b/c even in a company setting, coding collaboration is exhaustive (aka not easy).

    Now about collaboration in general, I am curious as to the motivations behind someone wanting to collaborate and I know it’ll be different for different topics. Do people collaborate only when they really care? What about folks who just moderately feel passionate about collaborating? Hmm…

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