oDesk to find that overseas contractor

In my quest to find web developers, I decided to go down the pay-for-work route although I did find some friends who were willing to help out.   Someone sent me a note about oDesk.com, so I wanted to check it out.

I posted a job online and started searching through developers from all around the world literally.  I started with developers sorted by low to high hourly rate.  It was a bit strange that there were developers with $0 hourly rates.  I skipped those and went to the $2 / hr folks because I’m a big spender hahahaha.  I checked out their online portfolio and resume and made invitation decisions based on that.  I sent an invitation to apply for my job posting to about 30 developers.  When the developers applied, their hourly rate jumped to ranges of $8 to $15 per hour.  Whoa!  At first, I felt that these developers were misrepresenting themselves and figured later that they can specify whatever hourly rate that they felt to be competitive for a particular job.  Hmm…  I decided to reach out to one person who was quite cheap per hour, but he never responded.

Eventually, I decided to take a break from hiring someone and to just do it myself.  I spent a lot of time describing what I wanted for a website and I realized that if I have to figure out what I want in the first place, then might as well do it myself at least for prototyping.  So now, I’m doing some simple PHP coding in my spare time and have some friends to help me out.

When I’m ready to do a full blown website, I will re-vigorate my quest to find paid contractors perhaps try oDesk.com again.  I’ll keep you updated.

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