Mr. Photographer, you could have made money at this event

Real quick, I’m back blogging.  I just took a break.

Tis the season for Halloween photo ops.  I attended an event where a local photography gave attendees a free 5×7 picture.  I stood in the long line like everyone else and took a picture.  Then I waited in another line to get the printed picture.  I put my name and email address on a sheet and the photo number that was printed.  Then I received my pic with no copyright printing on the back.  The photographer did put out some fliers out about scheduling a Santa photo session, but not a lot of hard selling or upselling of photography services.  A few days later, I received an email saying thanks for stopping by and the digital copy of the photo with permission to print.  Being an MBA graduate, I just didn’t understand why he would not ask me about buying more prints of the photo and why give me the original digital photo.  It puzzled me.  I am for free work, but I just thought this photographer is crazy.  I even wanted to buy more copies when I was there, but no one asked me so I just didn’t ask.

Here is my tip to the local business that wants to reach out to the local community.  Go ahead and volunteer and give away things, but don’t forget that you’re in business to make money.  If someone is receiving something for free, they are more likely to be open to hearing to some sort of sales pitch.  Nothings for FREE!

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