Chic Meets Geek V1.3 entertains

If you don’t know what Chic Meets Geek (CMG) events are all about here is my interpretation.  Imagine an event where geek culture (not just tech either) is melded with pop/fashion culture (hence the chic part).  Well that’s Chic Meets Geek.  I sort of think of it as a renaissance approach of bridging the two worlds.  Carol Tran, founder, has a pretty melded background herself – legal, theatre, neuroscience, and business.  I wonder who she modeled the idea from, hmm…  I will say that Carol is in the know and one to follow.  Attendees from all walks of life somehow knew Carol in one way or another.  I was impressed at who she had in her network.

OK about the events.  I had heard about the CMG events, but just hadn’t had the chance to attend.  At first glance, the ticket prices throw you off (e.g., $65 regular ticket), but if you read the details you’re actually getting a lot.  For instance, drinks and nibbles for the whole night and for some early birds, a schwag bag.  So try it once and see for yourself.

On a Thursday, the third Chic Meets Geek event was held at Automatic Lounge at Pier 38 in San Francisco.  I attended the VIP hour where I was treated well like a VIP.  I got first dibs on food and drinks and started off my networking with elbow room, a good perk.  The agenda included a violinist, a panel of geeky women and chic men,  a fashion show, and a raffle.  There is also a non-profit element to all events.  At this particular one, there was a silent auction with 100% proceeds going to Glide, a local SF charity.

DId I mention the event was streamed live?  You missed your chance to attend virtually, but I can help.  Here is my virtual layout of the event for you.  You walk in and on the right you’ll find Mighty Leaf Tea tea sandwiches, Socola bacon chocolate truffles,  Jet Cake cupcakes, and sliders from a local SF restaurant.  You will also see a photo booth from Photo Booth Royale.  BTW, I love my photo booth souvenir.  Continue into the room and on your left, you will see many kinds of cheese to taste from Marin French Cheese.  There was some soup also, but I didn’t know from where.   The bar is located in this area too.  There you have it!

My general assessment, I think that it’s a good event for sure if you enjoy good food and drinks, then it’s icing on the cake to have the cultural exposure and mingling with geeky chic people or chic-ey geek people.  It was hard for me to tell who was a true geek because of all the chic brewing in the room.  One person said that he was surprised that I coded.  Ahhh, I fooled everyone into thinking that I’m chic and not geek.  I did meet a lot of CMG virgins which tells me the event is catching on with new folks.

Here’s whom I met:

  • Evangelist from Microsoft
  • Hardware techie that makes wearable technology
  • Buddies who I know from other startup events
  • Jay Nicolas Sario,  Fashion Designer on Project Runway
  • Project manager consultant
  • Women 2.0 coordinator
  • Sales person from an ISP company

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