Making money with the $2.1T Mommy market

A few months ago, I attended this mommy-targeted shopping event in San Francisco with someone.  I was expecting a lot of clothing and baby equipment boutiques which there were, but I didn’t expect any startups pitching their services.  Two of which were and  I talked with both of the booth reps to learn more.

TaskRabbit positions itself as a safe online website where you can find people to do little tasks for you.  The marketing person (I’m assuming b/c she was not the founder) said I could use their service to pick up kids, do grocery shopping, etc.  Yes, I could, but do I want to?  I had a friend recently use it to find someone to pick-up a whole pie from a bakery and deliver to her for about $12 plus cost of pie.  OK, maybe it’s useful to those quick dessert fixes hahaha.  Now, I don’t know about the “safe” statement.  I would not want to take on the liability of ensuring that all “task runners” are safe even with clean background checks performed.  With some people, you just don’t know.  I’ll be curious to see how they do.  They have a business model (take a cut of transactions) and I’m assuming some traction.

The next startup at this mommy event was Skinny Scoop.  It’s just a polling survey service for mommies, think Yahoo! Answers w/o the text answers since you must choose a, b, c, d, etc.  To be honest, I do like to poll others on different topics and I can see this as being useful, but I would have never thought that a website could be dedicated to just polling surveys.  I asked them how they plan to make money and I didn’t get a good answer.  In fact, I don’t even remember what they said hahaha.

Related, there was a blog posting about the founder of Circle of Moms that I found most intriguing.  He was just a regular engineer looking to do a startup of his own.  Started something called Circle of Friends as a Facebook app.  He started noticing that there were a lot of “Circle of Friends” solely focused on moms.  One thing led to another and he decided to focus on the mommy market to make “Circle of Moms” as its own dedicated website.  This is a good example of bumping into a business idea w/o even trying.  Awesome!

Mommy market figures from

Market Size by Age of Child

  • US moms with kids under 6: 23.4 MM
  • US moms with kids under 3: 14.2 MM

Spending Power

  • Total US Mom spending: $2.1 trillion

The Many Faces of Mom

  • Beauty Mom: 68% of women re-evaluate their beauty routine
  • Dr. Mom: 82% rethink their approach to health and wellness
  • Gadget Mom: 93% of moms own a digital camera; 1 in 3 never leave home without it
  • Green Mom: Saving the planet starts at home: 92% of moms think family first, planet second
  • Mealtime Mom: 59% of moms rely on prepackaged or prepared foods to get dinner on the table
  • Social Mom: Social media use among moms has increased 591% in the past four years

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