90+ pitches at SF AT&T Park

Through one of my SF New Tech emails, I found out about Pitch San Francisco ’11.  I snagged a ticket and checked it out out of pure curiosity and because it was at AT&T Park.  Who doesn’t love the Giants?  Dodger fans, please do not respond.

When I first got there, I was overwhelmed with all the startup pedestals, over 90 in attendance.

Here are the ones that I visited and my two cents:

  • JustShareIt – peer-to-peer vehicle / motorcycle rental website, like a GetAround competitor (who recently closed a round of funding), I heard that they do not have insurance in the mix which is a bad business decision, it’s an accident waiting to happen (no pun intended).
  • BackBlaze – Mozi backup competitor but charges by the month ($5/mth) for unlimited data backup, Mozi charges by the GB now, I asked the founder why I hadn’t heard of them, he told me they do zero advertising and rely on word of mouth, I should have asked how many TB of data they back up.
  • HeyStaks – community-based internet search, you can pick an interest community to be apart of, then when you do searches, then it shows the popular search results of that community for the same keywords, not sure if this is good or not, you need a lot of people in a community doing a lot of searches for it to be a really good search, I also wonder if people want to share their search results, today Google gives you different results for different people, how does that gets normalized w/ HayStaks usage?
  • TauMobility – has many products but showcased telemedical diagnosis system, basically a doctor in another location can see a patient and see her medical data (e.g., blood pressure, heart rate, etc), they have medical devices that collect the data and upload it to servers to be shared instantly (real-time?) with doctors, I learned that the medical devices like a stethoscope with a USB connection needs to have FDA approval because it’s medical-related, they are trying to get into hospitals, so far one in New Jersey and maybe another one.  I heard getting the medical industry to go electronic all the way is hard.
  • MomoLocal – I didn’t get a chance to talk to these guys, but from afar, it reminded by of Zaarly, they tout themselves as a “community marketplace for anything by anyone”, I’m a bit Zaarly-biased because I met some of the guys at Where 2.0 conference.
  • Schwinkers – drinking made social, if you’re lonely and need a drinking buddy, use it to find drinking partners, they are doing a big push in the Mission District in SF, so if you live there, check it out.  I was drawn to the pedestal because I liked the big mustache logo and wooden background, I am very scientific.  It would be interesting to see a Groupon-like approach to buying drinks incorporated into the service.
  • Short Enuf – temporary URL shortening service, think Bit.ly but with a time limit, the founder told me that you can share long URLs easily using the service especially on a mobile device where you don’t want to type in the whole URL.  If there is real value in this, I don’t see why Bit.ly wouldn’t just add time limits.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get to all the pedestals.  There were some pedestals that had a lot of people, HipMunk being one of them.  It would have been great I was surprised that there wasn’t a lot of schwag being given out.  I got a bunch stickers though.  :)

You can find out more at the official event website.

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